Streetmoto Motorcycle Orienteering Championship 2011

Motorcycle Orienteering Competitions:

Regulations can vary between different events.

Championship is held in two classes:

1. Tarmac – checkpoints are placed in the places which can be reached by using the tarmac roads.
2. Gravel – checkpoints are placed in the places which can be reached by using the gravel or forest roads (recommended for enduro motorcycles)

A Motorcycle Club or Team may compete in the Championship. The Motorcycle Club or Team having totalled the least number of points at the end of the year will be declared STEETMOTO Motorcycle Orienteering Club or Team Champion. Points will be collected from three best drivers from every competition during the year.

1. Competitors will be awarded according to results in the competition. First place – 1 point, second place – 2 points, etc.
2. If competition in championship was missed, to competitor will be given points for last place plus one point from this competition.
3. Winner of the championship is who collects least points. If equal amount of points will be collected, then winner is who got better result from last participated competition.

The classification will be established taking into account the total number of competitions minus one weakest result.

Three best drivers in every class will receive an award in every competition.
Organisers can give out extra Prizes. Championship winners will be awarded after the last competition on the 2-nd October.

Information about the championship and the competitions will be available on the homepages and in Estonian Motorcycle Forum

Championship is sponsored by:

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